Frequently asked questions

How much does counseling cost? And do you accept insurance?

Cost of Sessions: The cost for an intake session is $300 for an hour and a half session. Weekly Individual counseling is $200 for a 50 minute session. Intensive counseling, is based on a $200 per hourly rate. Payments Accepted: Cash, check, Health Savings Account cards and credit cards are accepted. A receipt can be given for you to file with your insurance provider for reimbursement. Insurance: I am in network with Cigna Insurance; should you chose to use your Cigna Insurance I can check on your plan costs and details. For all other insurance I am considered an out of network provider. You would pay me directly for the services, and I can provide you with a receipt you can file with your insurance company for reimbursement. Length of Treatment: Every individual is unique so length of treatment varies. Some are able to get the results they want in only a few sessions, while others require 12-20 sessions to reach their goals.

Do you prescribe medications?

I do not prescribe medications. At your request I can work collaboratively with prescribing physicians to ensure you receive the best and most comprehensive treatment.

How do you approach counseling?

Personality wise, I've got a pretty compettive spirit, and truly believe that together we can defeat these disorders and help you lead a meaningful life! Its my job to listen well, ask good questions and then provide you with the right direction, skills and motivation to help you move forward. Psychologically, I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) as a framework for counseling. CBT and ERP are what they call "evidence-based" and "gold-standard" treatments, because there are numerous studies which show them to be effective in treating anxiety and OCD. I have trained with the IOCDF (International OCD Foundation) on numerous occassions through my career and regularly consult with other anxiety and OCD professionals on cases. My worldview is grounded in Christian faith, which reminds me that we are all human, no one is perfect and we all need help. I believe there is a God who loves us and desires a relationship with us. He has revealed himself most fully in scripture and through the person of Jesus Christ. I work with clients of all walks of life and faith and integrate faith in counseling as desired by clients. No matter where you are in life, I would consider it a priveldge to help you in your journey.

How do I get started?

The best way to reach me is fill out the Form Here. I will get in touch with you and we can set up a time for an initial intake session. I know reaching out, making the investment in yourself and talking to someone can be scary, but I hope you will take the risk. I know what a difference it can make in your life as I see it everyday in the clients that I work with.