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OCD & Anxiety Quizzes

Sometimes you know you are struggling, but you don't know how to define the issue. The quizzes below may give you some insight on the issues you are experiencing:

OCD Quiz

  1. Are you plagued disturbing thoughts, fears or 'what if' questions that seem to be repetitive and make you quite anxious? 

  2. Does a part of you logically know the answer to your questions, doubts or fears, yet you still can't seem to stop worrying or thinking about the thoughts?

  3. Do you engage in repeated rituals, research, discussions, routines in order to appease, answer or avoid these thoughts and questions? ​​

  4. Do the solutions you have tried (rituals, research, discussion, routines etc) provide lasting relief for you? OR do you find you have to repeat them regularly?

  5. Are these thoughts or behaviors having a significant impact on your work, home, social or spiritual life?

If you answered YES  to any of these questions, then it is highly possible that you are suffering from OCD. 


OCD can take many forms; and your specific obsession might be religious, fear of harming others, doubts about yourself, urgent needs to check things, inability to commit to relationships, existential doubts or more. While there are many different types of OCD, treatment is the same and is effective. Most counselors are not trained in OCD treatment, so it is important to see a specialist who knows how to treat OCD. 

Want more insight into your OCD and learn how to get better? Click here to schedule an assessment. 


  1. Do you have trouble relaxing? Is your body always tense? Do you regularly feel nervous, on edge, or anxious?

  2. Do you often assume or fear the worst? Does your mind get stuck ruminating about particular topics?

  3. Do you overplan or overthink situations either before and/or after they occur?

  4. Do you avoid people, places and/or  things because they cause you anxiety?

  5. Do you have bodily sensations that make you feel like you are dying but the doctor says you are ok?

  6. Do you take criticism, judgment and/or evaluations harder than most people?

  7. Do you feel driven by fear of failure, causing you to constantly work on overdrive? Is taking a break, or making a mistake feel terrifying to you?

  8. Do others experience you as rigid, overbearing and controlling?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may be struggling with an anxiety disorder. 

Take the first step to getting better! Schedule an appointment today.

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