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Take Back Your Life from Anxiety and OCD

from the comfort of your own home.
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Kristine Sung, Licensed Professional Counselor

Discover how to live
faithfully with uncertainty. 

Scripture tells us that Christ has come to set us free. But instead of freedom you feel on edge, frantic and maybe even tormented. Your mind is filled with so many doubts and anxieties and the thoughts in your head seem to be constantly spinning with what if or worst case scenarios.


To cope you may be stuck in a vicious cycle of thoughts and behaviors that give you some relief, but no lasting peace. Friends, family, pastors, leaders, and even counselors try to help, but nothing seems to work. They seem frustrated with you and you seem to be getting worse instead of better. 

Or perhaps your thoughts are too scary to share with anyone and you suffer alone in isolation. Fearing the worst about yourself, you avoid people, things or places and/or you repeat rituals that feel necessary but stressful and are taking over your life.

Maybe you are worn out from constant stress, always feel like you have to perform your best, worry about what others are thinking, life has narrowed because you avoid so much, or you have regular panic attacks. 

If any of this describes you, I am sorry you are suffering, but I am glad you are here. My name is Kristine and I am a counselor who specializes in helping people find relief from intense anxiety.

The sad truth is that most counselors are not trained and experienced in evidence-based treatments that are most effective for OCD and anxiety. Integrating both theological and psychological training I love to help others find relief and learn how to live faithfully even with the  uncertainties of this broken world.

Learn more about how to get help below or click here to book an appointment now. 

Bible Lessons

How to Get Help



Get one on one support you need to get better. Sessions are typically weekly 50 minute appointments you can do from your home or office.

Intensives involve multiple sessions per week. The word 'intensive' can be deceiving, as more frequent sessions can often make treatment easier to digest when symptoms are severe. Intensives are also valuable when motivation to improve quickly is strong.



Join a group with others who are are committed to overcoming their anxiety and OCD. 

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