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Take Back Your Life from Anxiety and OCD

With the convenience of teletherapy,  I help individuals regain control of their lives, using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure Response Prevention Treatment; evidence-based treatments that work.

Kristine Sung, Licensed Professional Counselor

You are not alone. 

1 in 4 individuals in the US have struggled with anxiety; and OCD affects 1 in 40 people. For some the battle is obvious, but other times anxiety is at the root of ongoing relationship, health and/or business issues. 

Thankfully there are proven therapies which help over 80% of clients reduce their symptoms. Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure Response Prevention I love helping clients overcome these difficulties and move forward with their lives. 


With your commitment and effort, counseling can be a game changer for your life. It is possible to get out of negative or obsessive cycles and respond differently to the challenges and anxieties of life. With counseling you can rebuild your confidence and feel in control of life again. 




Weekly Individual Counseling

This is the most common service provided and begins with an hour and half intake session. In that session I will begin to get a sense of the issues you face and can make a recommendation on a plan to help you get better. Regular sessions are 50 minutes in length and service is available for adults and adolescents.


Relationship Counseling

Learn how your own anxiety might be eroding the intimacy and trust you have with others. Empower yourself with new skills and insights to deepen connection with yourself and others. Believe it or not, individual counseling can turn around struggling relationships.



Sometimes effective treatment for OCD requires more than weekly talk therapy. With an intensive counseling program, clients can experience one on one care a few times a week 1-2 hours a day. Though more time is invested in a given week, OCD intensives often result in shorter overall time in counseling as they speed the learning curve.   


Groups, Workshops & Articles

I know not everyone is ready nor can afford one-on-one care. Stay tuned! I am working to provide  groups, online workshops and articles that can equip you with tools to tackle the challenges you face. 


Parent Counseling & Coaching

Knowing how to parent a child with OCD or anxiety takes unique skills. 


Consultation & Referral Services

Sometimes clients need more than one professional in their corner.  From medical providers, to nutritionists, to other mental health providers, I can both refer you to other professionals as well as work collaboratively with other professionals to help you reach your goals. 

Practice Areas
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